Socan specializes in the production of sensors and modules in the field of electricity. It has purchased more than 100 sets of R&D and production equipment. These equipment have been installed, debugged and put into use. Based on these core equipment, socan has built the most advanced mass production platform for electricity sensors in China.

Electromagnetic Interference Detector

EMC test includes test methods, measuring instruments and test sites, test methods are based on various standards, measuring instruments are based on the frequency domain, test sites are prerequisites for EMC testing, and it is also an important factor to measure the level of EMC work. EMC detection is greatly influenced by the site and test method, from which the sensor's immunity to interference can be detected.

Lithography Machine

It uses laser technology to cut thick film resistors or thin film resistors to achieve precise adjustment of resistance, including resistance adjustment and circuit function adjustment. It is mainly used for high-precision resistance adjustment of thin film, thick film and hybrid integrated circuits to complete sensor accuracy and zero calibration, greatly improving the temperature characteristics and reliability of products. The system has a temperature capacity of more than 700 ℃ and is currently an international leading and high-end equipment.

Automatic Rear Welding Machine

The automatic soldering machine is the necessary equipment for the highly sophisticated soldering of avionics, automotive electronics and microelectronics. The automatic soldering machine has the functions of automatic tin feeding, constant heating, accurate positioning, etc., eliminating the requirement of manual welding skills, and providing reliable help for the product soldering process.

Automatic Glue Filling Equipment

PGB650B outrigger glue filling machine consists of five parts: glue loading system, metering system, mixing system, three-axis motion system and control system. The AB glue flows into the pump through the glue loading system (AB glue bucket) and the self suction of the metering pump. The AB glue flows into the glue outlet mixing pipe after being metered by the pump body alone. The glue begins to mix here, reducing labor costs, reducing work intensity and improving production efficiency.

AOI Detector

AOI, the full name of Automatic Optical Inspection, refers to automatic optical inspection equipment. It is an efficient intelligent equipment based on simulating human eyes, running machine vision technology, and replacing people in welding process production to detect common missing parts in PCBA. Replace SMT outsourcing labor testing cost.

Alice Colorimeter

Color is an often overlooked aspect of manufacturing. But just the right color measurement can bring significant advantages to every product. If the color consistency of the product is improved, the advantages of color will be highlighted. By improving color consistency, products will exceed customer expectations while reducing waste and downtime, and increasing process efficiency and profitability.

Metallographic Detector

Metallographic analysis refers to the use of magnifying glass and metallographic microscope, according to the method of observing and studying the macroscopic and microstructure of metal materials, which is often called metallographic inspection in production practice.

Metallography is mainly the intuitive morphology and distribution of the components inside or broken and the surface of the PCB board metal material directly observed by the human eye. The main purpose of metallographic inspection is, on the one hand, routine inspection, judging or determining the quality of PCB metal materials and whether the production process and process are qualified according to existing knowledge.


DI/DT Tester

This device is mainly used for testing sensor response times. On this device, the di/dt parameters of the sensor can be tested, and the current waveform during the measurement process can be displayed through the oscilloscope, so as to determine whether the sensor is overshoot or undershoot.
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