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Bus Type Insulation Detection Unit, SCM4

The bus type insulation detection unit is a device for on-line detection of smart sensors. Internal control adopts CPU, adopts standard MODBUS communication protocol, RS485 digital port communicates with sensor and host computer (liquid crystal panel) respectively, sampling loop and communication port RS485 optical coupling are isolated, wiring is simple, reliability is high, installation and maintenance are convenient and fast; Balance bridge detection and unbalance compensation, II segment busbar mutual alarm, flash alarm output and other important functions.

The main technical parameters:
1. Total number of detectable branches: 64 channels;
2, can detect 1 section of the mother, the mother, the busbar negative and other ground voltage;
3. It can detect the cross-input voltage of the 1st busbar, and the busbars of the II section are mutually smashed;
4, the number of the mother branch can be set (depending on the specific site);
5. It can detect the resistance to ground at the same time of positive and negative;
6, can automatically and manually correct the internal balance bridge, unbalanced bridge failure;
7. The branch road supports early warning and alarm settings;
8, support two sets of switch input, two sets of relay output;

9, communication method: digital RS-485, baud rate -9.6K.