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Distributed Multi-Function Insulation Detection Unit, SCM2 (Double Layer)

Product descripiton:

The SCM2 distributed small current system is a kind of equipment for on-line detection of the mother and the control mother branch. The single module can detect the 32-way branch, and can detect the control mother, the mother, the bus negative, the control mother AC serial, and the bus. Negative AC is connected to a voltage signal. Internal CPU control, RS485 digital port and host computer (liquid crystal screen) communication, sampling loop and communication port RS485 optocoupler isolation, so the module is self-contained, fast sampling speed, high reliability, easy installation and maintenance

Main technical parameters:
     1. The total number of detectable branches: 32 roads;
     2. can detect 1 section of the mother, the mother, the busbar negative and other ground voltage;
     3. It can detect the cross-input voltage of the 1st busbar, and the busbars of the II section are mutually smashed;
     4. the number of the mother branch can be set (depending on the specific site);
     5. It can detect the resistance to ground at the same time of positive and negative;
     6. can automatically and manually correct the internal balance bridge, unbalanced bridge failure;
     7. The branch road supports early warning and alarm settings;
     8. support two sets of switch input, two sets of relay output;

     9. communication method: digital RS-485, baud rate -9.6K.