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Hall Effect Open Loop Current Sensor is a current measurement device which develop on base of the hall effect principle, it can accurately measure DC, AC, pulsed current in isolation way.

Principle: Hall Effect Open Loop Current Sensor develops on base of open loop operation principle. Primary Current IP produce a magnetic field thanks to the air gap of magnetic core, open loop current sensor amplify the Hall generator voltage to provide an output voltage, this also known as direct measurement.

Features: Low insertion loss, Space saving, High accuracy, Low-cost sensing product, Fast response time

Applications: Widely used in servo drive, variable frequency drive, DC Panel, Motor Control, HVAC, over current protection and current monitoring of electronic circuits.

Series Aperture,Diameter(mm) Rated Current Range Supply Voltage (V) Output Accuracy, Linearity Installation method
SCK1 ø20mm 50~300A DC ±12V or ±15V ±4V or±5V 1%, 1% Panel
SCK3 10mm*20mm 50~600A DC ±12V or 15V (±5%) ±4V or ±5V 1%, 1% Panel
SCK3D 10mm*20mm 50A~600A +12V~+15V 0.5V ~ 4.5V 1%, 1% Panel
SCK4 12mm*40mm 300~2000A DC ±12V or 15V (±5%) ±4V or ±5V 1%, 1% Panel
SCK7 / 5A~50A ±12V or ±15V ±4V 1%, 1% PCB
SCK8 ø16mm 50A~200A ±15V ±4V 1%, 1% PCB
SCK9 16mm*33mm 100A~1200A ±12V~±15V ±4V or ±5V 1%, 1% Panel
SCK11 ø20mm 50A~600A ±12V or ±15V ±4V or ±5V 1%, 1% Panel
SCK12 ø35mm 300A~2000A ±12V or ±15V ±4V or ±5V 1%, 1% Panel
SCK13 ø40mm 100A~2000A ±12V or ±15V ±4V or ±5V 1%, 1% Panel
SCK16 ø60mm 300A~2000A ±12V or ±15V ±4V or ±5V 1%, 1% Panel
SCK18 30mm*40mm 200A~2000A ±15V ±4V 1%, 1% Panel
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