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Leakage Current Sensor is the current sensor which develop on base of magnetic modulation closed loop principle, apply unique patented technology for measure tiny current (mA level). We have SCD Series for DC Leakage current measurement SCD-AC Series for DC, AC Leakage current measurement.

Series Aperture,Diameter(mm) Rated Current Range Supply Voltage (V) Output Accuracy, Linearity Installation method
SCD1 ø18mm 10mA~100mA DC±12V~±15V ±5V 1%, 1% Panel
SCD2 ø40mm 10~100mA DC ±12V or  ±15V(±5%) ±5V 1%, 1% Panel
SCD3 ø60mm 10~100mA DC ±12V or  ±15V(±5%) ±5V 1%, 1% Panel
SCD6 ø20mm 10mA~100mA ±12V~±15V ±5V 1%, 1% Panel
SCD9 ø80mm 10mA~100mA ±12V~±15V ±5V 1%, 1% Panel
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