Intelligent Sensors and Modules
Leakage Current Sensor
Hall Current Sensor
Voltage Sensor and Transmitter

Equipped special terminals, it is especially designed for battery management systems or electrical cars, electrical bus etc.

Series Aperture,Diameter(mm) Rated Current Range Supply Voltage (V) Output Accuracy, Linearity Installation method
SCB1R ø20mm 50~300A ±12V~±15V ±5V 0.5%,0.1% Panel
SCB11R ø20mm 50~400A DC±12V~±15V ± 5V 0.5% 0.1% Panel
SCB12R ø35mm 300~2000A DC ±12V (±5%) ± 5V 1% 1% Panel
SCY13 ø24 100A~750A +5V 2.5V±2V 1% 1% Panel
SCK26 ø28 300~1500A ±12V (±11V~ ±15V) ±5V ±1%, ±1% Panel
SCK28 7.2mm*20.6mm 50A~900A DC +5V ( ±5%) 2.5V± 2.0V 1% 1% Panel
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